Patient Notice

Tamar Valley Health has partnered with PEP Health, a leading provider of patient experience insights in the UK, as part of a research project funded through the University of Plymouth EPIC programme. The project started in October 2021 and, running until October 2022, aims to create a dashboard that will allow health professionals in Cornwall to track changes in patient experience in both primary and secondary care. This will allow health service providers, including your GP practice, to better respond to patient’s needs and wishes.

The project team has collected publicly available online comments for every GP practice in Cornwall from a range of social media and NHS review sites. The next phase of the project is to trial the collection of patient feedback directly from patients themselves after their appointments through an online feedback form. The link to the form will be sent to patients in a text message the day after their appointment and takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete. All data collected is anonymous and will help show how patient experience is changing overtime.

Tamar Valley Health is participating in the trial with other Cornish GP practices, including Launceston Medical Centre.

There are a range of expected benefits from the programme. These include:

  • GPs will be able to see where they are excelling in providing patient experience and work with other practices to share best practices within their primary care network
  • GPs will gain insights into the drivers behind patient experience in their practices so that specific, targeted actions can be taken to improve it where necessary
  • The new Cornish integrated care system (ICS) will be able to better identify and share best practice across the whole ICS, helping the ICS prioritise resources

For more information on PEP Health, please visit their website:

For more information about the University of Plymouth’s EPIC programme, please visit their website: