Annual Medication Review

Why do I need a medication review?

As part of our continuing care to our patients, we ask that all medication is reviewed by the practice at least once a year. This is to ensure that the medication is still effective and appropriate for the condition for which it is being prescribed. Please note that you may also be monitored at a hospital or other institution but we are also required to review you if we issue any prescriptions.

What will happen at the review?

The annual review may include a blood test, blood pressure check, etc. and appointments with the appropriate clinicians in our medication review clinics (details of these can be found on the back page). For some patients, e.g. diabetics, this may be more than once a year.

How will I be invited?

You will receive an invitation to attend for your review before the month of your birth and then a further reminder attached to your prescription. For safety reasons, if you do not respond to these requests, your GP may have to restrict the quantity of medication on further prescriptions or opt to hold back further supplies until you are reviewed. Therefore, we ask that you respond as soon as possible. Your letter will be automatically generated by the practice. It is then sent electronically to a specialist company (approved by the NHS) which posts it for us.

Your letter will advise you whether you:

  • Need to attend for monitoring and see a clinician.
    You do have the option of asking to see your GP for this review, but remember that the practice has specialist pharmacists and nurses who are suitably qualified.
  • Need to see only the pharmacist/nurse in which case you can book your own appointment and can be reviewed by phone if you prefer.
  • Only need to complete an online questionnaire. Further to the answers you give, you may be required to attend a face to face appointment.

How do I book?

We offer a range of ways to book your review to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible:

Who to see for which condition?

Annual Medication Reviews

  • Allopurinol Therapy – HCA*
  • Atrial Fibrillation – Pharmacist
  • Asthma – Complete questionnaire online or via website – children under 12 to see Practice Nurse or Pharmacist
  • COPD – Assistant Practitioner and Practice Nurse
  • Dementia – GP
  • Depression – GP
  • Diabetes – HCA*, Practice Nurse (and Pharmacist if
  • more that one condition)
  • Epilepsy – Pharmacist
  • Heart Disease – HCA* and Pharmacist
  • Heart Failure – HCA* and Pharmacist
  • Hypertension – HCA*
  • Kidney Disease – HCA* and Pharmacist
  • Mental Health – HCA* and GP
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease – HCA* and Pharmacist
  • Pill Check – Practice Nurse or Pharmacist
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – HCA* and Pharmacist
  • Stroke/TIA – HCA* and Pharmacist
  • Thyroid Monitoring – HCA*

6 Monthly Medication Review

  • Diabetes – HCA* and Practice Nurse (not all diabetics)

*HCA = Health Care Assistant, trained in phlebotomy, BP checks, ECGs & other nursing assistant tasks.

To book a medication review, please complete our Medication Review form.